Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


Nymphs and Shepherds
M Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (from Les Petits riens)
D Passepied: Pearl Argyle, William Chappell
Entrée de Cupidon: Andrée Howard, Harold Turner
Gavotte joyeuse: Pearl Argyle, Andrée Howard, Harold Turner
Courante: Pearl Argyle, Andrée Howard, Harold Turner, William Chappell
FP Ballet-Divertissement by Pupils of Marie Rambert, Arts Theatre Club, London, 9 March 1928 (repeated the following day at a reception in her studio in Ladbroke Road)

(I have been unable to discover whether the first Suite de danses from Les Petits riens and Nymphs and Shepherds had any choreography in common. According to Lionel Bradley's Sixteen Years of Ballet Rambert, 'The complete ballet was performed, privately, in practice costume'--presumably in Rambert's studio--in June 1928. He identifies Nymphs and Shepherds as 'excerpts' from this. I have not found any account of the June 1928 performance from which it would be possible to deduce what the 'complete ballet' consisted of and how, if at all, it differed from the versions listed here)

NP Four 'Dances from Les Petits riens' were included in the programme at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, on 25 February 1930, and these would seem to have been drawn from both previous versions, as follows:
Entrée de Cupidon: D Pearl Argyle, William Chappell
Gavotte sentimentale: D Marie Rambert, Frederick Ashton
L'Indifférent: D Frederick Ashton

(Gavotte sentimentale survived into early performances at the Ballet Club)

Choreography by Frederick Ashton and Marie Rambert
M Christoph Willibald Gluck (ballet music from Orfeo ed Euridice)
C William Chappell
D Leda: Diana Gould; Zeus: Frederick Ashton; Hermes: Harold Turner; Ganymede: William Chappell; Naiades: Pearl Argyle, Andrée Howard, Kathleen O'Connor, Irene Kinsey, Joyce Peters, Prudence Hyman
FP Marie Rambert's studio, London, June 1928; Sunshine Matinée, Apollo Theatre, London, 10 July 1928

NP Marie Rambert Dancers; revised choreography by Ashton alone, under the title Leda and the Swan; C William Chappell and (for Ashton) Bruce Winston:
D Leda: Diana Gould; The Swan: Frederick Ashton; Zephyrs: Harold Turner, William Chappell; Nymphs: Pearl Argyle, Andrée Howard, Prudence Hyman, Irene Kinsey, Elisabeth Schooling, Kathleen Suthers
FP Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, 25 February 1930

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