Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


Capriol Suite
M Peter Warlock, on themes from Thoinot Arbeau's Orchésographie
C William Chappell
D Basse danse: Pearl Argyle, Prudence Hyman, William Chappell, Robert Stuart
Pavane: Diana Gould, Frederick Ashton, Harold Turner
Tordion: Andrée Howard, Harold Turner
Mattachins: Frederick Ashton, William Chappell, Harold Turner, Robert Stuart
Pieds en l'air: Pearl Argyle, Diana Gould, Frederick Ashton, William Chappell
Bransles: Ensemble
FP Marie Rambert Dancers, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, 25 February 1930

ST Camargo Society; FP Apollo Theatre, London, 25 January 1931

NP Vic-Wells Ballet; Pavane only; directed by D H Munro:
D Elizabeth Miller, Harold Turner, Frederick Ashton
FP BBC Television, Alexandra Palace, London, 11 October 1937
NP Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet; choreography rearranged for six couples; SC William Chappell:
D Basse danse: Maureen Bruce, Stella Farrance, Michael Boulton, Pirmin Trecu
Pavane: Jane Shore, David Poole, Hans Züllig
Tordion: Patricia Miller, Michael Boulton
Pieds en l'air: Jane Shore, Stella Claire, David Poole, Hans Züllig
Mattachins: Michael Boulton, David Blair, David Gill, Pirmin Trecu
FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 5 October 1948

ST Royal Ballet; Tribute to Sir Frederick Ashton; Mattachins only: Royal Opera House, London, 24 July 1970

ST Ballet for All, in Birth of the Royal Ballet; Mattachins only: FP Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 13 October 1972

NP Ballet Rambert; R Elisabeth Schooling and Sally Gilmour;
SC William Chappell:
D Basse-Danse: Catherine Becque, Elisabeth Wright, Hugh Craig, Paul Melis
Pavane: Frances Carty, Albert van Nierop, Bruce Michelson
Tordion: Catherine Becque, Hugh Craig
Mattachins: Hugh Craig, Paul Melis, Albert van Nierop,
Bruce Michelson
Pieds en l'air: Mary Evelyn, Frances Carty, Albert van Nierop, Bruce Michelson
Bransles: Ensemble
FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 9 March 1983

NP Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet: as for Ballet Rambert above:
D Basse-Danse: Sandra Madgwick, Sheila Styles, Michael O'Hare, Vincent Redmon
Pavane: Margaret Barbieri, Joseph Cipolla, Alain Dubreuil
Tordion: Sandra Madgwick, Michael O'Hare
Pieds en l'air: Margaret Barbieri, Clare French, Joseph
Cipolla, Alain Dubreuil
Mattachins: Sam Armstrong, Russell Maliphant, Michael O'Hare, Vincent Redmon
Bransles: Ensemble
FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 9 January 1987

NP New York Theatre Ballet: R Amanda Eyles; C William Chappell:
D Basse-Danse: Keiko Nakamura, Ron Spiess, Elena Zahlmann,
Ricky Resijan
Pavane: Melissa Beaver, Steven Melendez, Tobias Parsons
Tordion: Danielle Genest, Ricky Resijan
Pieds en l’air: Melissa Beaver, Kathleen Byrne, Steven Melendez, Tobias Parsons
Mattachins: Steven Melendez, Tobias Parsons, Ricky Resijan,
Ron Spiess
Bransles: Ensemble
FP Florence Gould Hall, New York NY, 23 April 2004

Saudade do Brésil
M Darius Milhaud (from Saudades do Brasil, for piano, 1920-1921)
C William Chappell
D Frederick Ashton
FP Marie Rambert Dancers, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, 23 June 1930

Mazurka des Hussars
M Alexander Borodin (? from Petite suite, for piano, 1878-1885)
C 'Scarlet Scissors' (Dolly Watkins)
D Marie Rambert, Frederick Ashton
FP Marie Rambert Dancers, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, 3 July 1930

[Marriage à la Mode]
A Comedy, in Three Acts, by John Dryden, Poet Laureate
Produced by Nigel Playfair
Dances arranged by Frederick Ashton
M Alfred Reynolds
SC J Gower Parks
Players: Angela Baddeley, Athene Seyler, Adele Dixon, Glen Byam Shaw, Anthony Ireland, Richard Caldicot
D Alicia Markova, Frederick Ashton, Marie Nielson, Anna Brunton, Hedley Briggs, Walter Gore
FP Presented by Nigel Playfair, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, 9 October 1930; tranferred to Royalty Theatre, London, 10 November 1930

Ballet in one act by Thomas McGreevy
M Constant Lambert (ballet, 1926)
SC John Banting
D Pomona: Anna Ludmilla; Vertumnus: Anton Dolin; Attendants on Vertumnus: Walter Gore, Jack Spurgeon; Principal Nymphs: Doris Sonne, Marie Nielson; Nymphs: Wendy Toye, Joy Newton, Beatrice Appleyard, Iris James, Anna Brunton, Elisabeth Schooling; Flamen Pomonalis (High Priest): Philip McNair
FP Camargo Society, Cambridge Theatre, London, 19 October 1930

ST Annual Festival of International Society of Contemporary Music, Oxford, 24 July 1931

(Announced for presentation by both the Ballet Club and Vic-Wells Ballet in 1931, but not given)

NP Vic-Wells Ballet; SC Vanessa Bell:
D Pomona: Beatrice Appleyard; Vertumnus: Anton Dolin
FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 17 January 1933

NP Vic-Wells Ballet; SC John Banting:
D Pomona: Margot Fonteyn; Vertumnus: Robert Helpmann
FP Arts Theatre, Cambridge, 3 June 1937; Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 28 September 1937
(Pas de deux danced by Margot Fonteyn and Robert Helpmann at Nijinsky Gala Matinée, His Majesty's Theatre, London, 28 May 1937)

ST BBC Television; solo (Pastorale) only: D Margot Fonteyn
10 June 1937

[A Masque of Poetry and Music: 'Beauty, Truth and Rarity']
Produced by George Rylands
Musical director: Constant Lambert
Players: Lydia Lopokova, Peter Hannen, Geoffrey Toone, George Rylands, Donald Beves, Michael Redgrave, Robert Eddison, Wynyard Brown

'Follow Your Saint': The Passionate Pavane
M John Dowland, arranged by Constant Lambert (from Lacrymae, or Seven Teares, figured in seven passionate Pavans, with divers other Pavans, Galliards and Almands, 1605)
C William Chappell
D The Lady: Lydia Lopokova; The Suitors: Frederick Ashton, Harold Turner

Excerpts from Comus, a Masque by John Milton
The action concludes with a dance to music by Henry Purcell
Players: Comus, an Enchanter: George Rylands; The Lady: Lydia Lopokova; Elder Brother: Robert Eddison; Second Brother: Michael Redgrave

Dances on a Scotch Theme
M William Boyce, arranged by Constant Lambert (from Eight Symphonies)
C William Chappell
D The Lassie: Lydia Lopokova; Her Lads: Antony Tudor, Frederick Ashton

FP The Masque presented by Arnold L Haskell, Arts Theatre Club, London, 10 December 1930

ST 'Follow Your Saint'; D Lydia Lopokova, Frederick Ashton, William Chappell; FP Camargo Society, Cambridge Theatre, London, 26 April 1931

ST 'Follow Your Saint', under the title The Passionate Pavan, a dance-scena; D Pearl Argyle, Walter Gore, William Chappell;
FP Camargo Society, Adelphi Theatre, London, 4 December 1932
NP 'Follow Your Saint'; Ballet Rambert; under the title Passionate Pavane, suite of dances:
D Maude Lloyd, Walter Gore, Frank Staff
FP Mercury Theatre, London, 11 October 1936
(sometimes included in Divertissements as Trio (Lacrymae); this may have been an abbreviated version)

ST Nijinsky Gala Matinée; D Maude Lloyd, Frank Staff, Frederic Franklin; His Majesty's Theatre, London, 28 May 1937

NP Dances on a Scotch Theme; Ballet Club; called variously Dances on a Scottish Theme or The Tartans:
D The Lassie: Alicia Markova; Her Lads: Harold Turner, Frederick Ashton
FP Ballet Club, London, 31 December 1931

A Florentine Picture
Groupings by Frederick Ashton
M Arcangelo Corelli (Violin Sonata in D minor, 'La Follia,' opus 5 no.12)
C 'Scarlet Scissors' (Dolly Watkins), after Sandro Botticelli
D The Madonna: Marie Rambert; Angels: Diana Gould, Pearl Argyle, Andrée Howard, Prudence Hyman, Elisabeth Schooling, Maude Lloyd
FP Marie Rambert Dancers, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, 20 December 1930

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