Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


M arranged by Hugh Bradford
C Andrée Howard
D Andrée Howard
FP Ballet Club, London, 4 February 1932

[The Cat and the Fiddle]
A musical love story by Otto Harbach
M Jerome Kern
Staged by William Mollison
Dances arranged by Buddy Bradley; the action of The Passionate Pilgrim designed by Frederick Ashton
S Henry Dreyfuss
C The Marchioness of Queensberry (Cathleen Mann); Delysia's Pierrot costume by Norman Hartnell
Players: Peggy Wood, Alice Delysia, Gina Malo, Francis Lederer,
Muriel Barron, Austin Trevor
Act I Scene 6 Le Pélérin passionné
Pierrette: Muriel Barron; Harlequin: Eric Marshall; Béchamelle: Rita Cooper; Pierrot: Alice Delysia
FP Presented by Charles B Cochran, Opera House, Manchester, 20 February 1932; Palace Theatre, London, 4 March 1932

[Magic Nights]
Dances and ensembles arranged by Buddy Bradley and Frederick Ashton
SC Ada Peacock and William Chappell
Radio Waves
M ?
D Rumba: Eve
The Spirit of Radio/Tango des Fratellini: Pearl Argyle
The Bell Boys Stampede
M W C Handy (St Louis Blues)
C Wiiliam Chappell
D Eve, Frederick Ashton
An 1805 Impression
Ballet by Frederick Ashton
M Franz Schubert (Waltzes)
SC William Chappell (after Jacque-Louis David)
D Récamier: Pearl Argyle; Her Suitor: Frederick Ashton; Her Friends: Rita Elsie, Kathleen Gibson, Mary Barlow, Joan Laidlaw, Pamela Gray, Maisie Greene; Pas de quatre: Dorothy Jackson, Esmé Oxley, Walter Gore, William Chappell
FP Presented by C B Cochran, Trocadero Grill Room, London, 4 (?) April 1932

NP An 1805 Impression, under the title Récamier (sometimes called La Valse chez Madame Récamier, suite de danses):
D Mme Récamier: Pearl Argyle; Her Suitor: Antony Tudor; Pas de quatre: Andrée Howard, Elisabeth Schooling, William Chappell, Frank Staff; Friends: Tamara Svetlova, Nan Hopkins, Yvonne Madden, Daphne Gow, Ann Gee, Aase Nissen
FP Ballet Club, London, 3 December 1933

High Yellow
Choreography by Buddy Bradley, with the assistance of Frederick Ashton
M Spike Hughes (1 Foreword 2 Sirocco 3 Six Bells Stampede 4 Elegy 5 Weary Traveller 6 Finale, from A Harlem Symphony)
S Vanessa Bell
C William Chappell
D Mammy: Ursula Moreton; Pappy: Hedley Briggs; Bambu (their son): Frederick Ashton; Mabel, Edna, Pansy, and Ninon (His Sisters): Sheila McCarthy, Freda Bamford, Betty Cuff, Nadina Newhouse; Violetta and Cleo (His Sweethearts): Alicia Markova, Doris Sonne; Violetta's languishing friends: Beatrice Appleyard, Maude Lloyd, Elisabeth Schooling, Joy Newton, Felicity Andreae, Mary Skeaping, Joan Day; Cleo's gay friends: Ailne Phillips, Sylvia Willins, Laura Wilson, Kathleen Crofton, Andrée Howard, Dot Rickinson, Prudence Hyman; Joey and Eddy (Two Strangers): William Chappell, Walter Gore
FP Camargo Ballet, Savoy Theatre, London, 6 June 1932

Foyer de danse
(after Degas)
Ballet by Frederick Ashton
M Lord Berners (Luna Park; or, the Freaks, ballet, 1930)
C William Chappell
D L'Etoile: Alicia Markova; Le Maître de ballet: Frederick Ashton; Les Coryphées: Andrée Howard, Prudence Hyman, Betty Cuff, Elisabeth Schooling, Suzette Morfield, Elizabeth Ruxton; Un Abonné: Walter Gore
FP Ballet Club, London, 9 October 1932

[A Kiss in Spring]
A Romantic Comedy with Music by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grünwald (an adaptation of their operetta Das Veilchen vom Montmartre, 1930)
M Emmerich Kálmán and Herbert Griffiths; additional orchestrations by Constant Lambert, Arthur Wood, Alred Reynolds, and Walford Hyden
English Book and Lyrics by L du Garde Peach
The Play Produced by Norman Marshall
SC Hedley Briggs
Players: Billy Milton, Sylvia Welling, Eric Bertner, Eileen
Moody, Kenneth Kove, Nancy Neale
In Act II Carrambolina
D Prudence Hyman, Walter Gore, and corps de ballet
Act III Scene 3 The Ballet of Spring
D Alicia Markova, Harold Turner, Prudence Hyman, Walter Gore,
Doris Sonne, Anna Brunton, Yvonne Le Sueur, and corps de ballet
FP Presented by Sir Oswald Stoll, Alhambra Theatre, London, 28 November 1932

A Revue, devised and staged by William Walker and Robert Nesbit
Dances and ensembles by Buddy Bradley; ballets by Frederick Ashton
M William Walker
Lyrics by Robert Nesbit
S Coombe
C Norman Edwards and William Chappell
Players: Hermione Baddeley, George Sanders, Henry Mollison, Richard Murdoch, Phyllis Clare, Walter Crisham
Act I Scene 4 Black Magic
The Salesman: John Byron; 1st Customer; Peggy Cochrane; 2nd Customer: Norman Hackforth; 3rd Customer: George Sanders; The Singer: Zaidee Jackson; The Dancers: Walter Crisham and The Girls
Act I Scene 10 By Candlelight
D Pearl Argyle, Walter Crisham, John Byron, and The Girls
Act I Scene 12 Mediterranean Madness
D The Matelot: Walter Gore; The Dancers: Pearl Argyle, Walter Crisham, and The Company
Act II Scene 3 Far Beyond the Crowd
D Pearl Argyle, Walter Crisham, Nancy Burne, Richard Murdoch, Aimee Gillespie, Hugh French
Act II Scene 8 Ballet for Four Pianos and Orchestra
M arranged by Peggy Cochrane
D Pearl Argyle, Walter Gore, John Byron, and The Girls
FP Presented by Lionel Barton, Comedy Theatre, London, 22 December 193


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