Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


Pas de deux
M Jean Philippe Rameau
C Phyllis Dolton
D Alicia Markova, Anton Dolin
FP Coliseum, London, 27 February 1933

Les Masques; ou, Changement de dames
Ballet by Frederick Ashton
M Francis Poulenc (Trio for oboe, bassoon, and piano, 1926)
SC Sophie Fedorovitch
D A Personage: Frederick Ashton; His Lady Friend: Alicia Markova; His Wife: Pearl Argyle; Her Lover: Walter Gore; Two Young Girls: Elisabeth Schooling, Betty Cuff; Three Ladies with Fans: Anna Brunton, Elizabeth Ruxton, Tamara Svetlova
FP Ballet Club, London, 5 March 1933

ST Meadows School of the Arts; R Elisabeth Schooling:
FP Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, 29 November 1995

[How D'You Do?]
Revue with book and lyrics by Arthur Macrae, Douglas Byng, Herbert Farjeon, et al
Ballets by Frederick Ashton; mime-ballet, On the Quay, by Suzanne Stone; dances and ensembles by Tony Smythe
M Ord Hamilton
S Alick Johnstone
Players: Frances Day, Douglas Byng, Edward Chapman, Queenie Leonard, Iris March
The Legend of Berenice
A Mediaeval Ballet by Frederick Ashton
C Michael Weight
D Berenice: Frances Day; Roland: Walter Gore; Attendants on Berenice: corps de ballet
A Dancing Scena by Frederick Ashton
C Betty Cooke
D Anna Roth, Walter Gore, and The Chorus
FP Comedy Theatre, London, 25 April 1933

Pavane pour une infante défunte
M Maurice Ravel (1899)
SC Hugh Stevenson
D Diana Gould, William Chappell
FP Ballet Club, Mercury Theatre, London, 7 May 1933

NP Ballet Club; revised choreography: D Diana Gould, William Chappell; FP Mercury Theatre, London, 29 October 1933

[After Dark]
Revue by Ronald Jeans
Devised and produced by Kenneth Duffield
Ballets by Frederick Ashton; dances and ensembles by Buddy Bradley
M Kenneth Duffield and Kenneth Leslie-Smith
S Aubrey Hammond
Players: Nelson Keys, Louise Browne, Roy Royston, Charles Heslop, Melville Cooper, Betty Davies, Betty Frankiss
The Orchid and the Cactus (Fahrenheit)
A Ballet by Robert Nesbit
M Peggy Cochrane
D The Orchid: Louise Browne; The Cactus: Harold Turner
Wall Street
A Ballet by Robert Nesbit
M Kenneth Leslie-Smith
D Harold Turner, Audrey Acland, Claude Newman, Douglas Phillips, John Gatrell, and Girls
FP Presented by John Merryman Ltd, Vaudeville Theatre, London, 6 July 1933

[Gay Hussar]
A musical play in a prologue, two acts, and an epilogue, by Holt Marvell
M George Posford
Produced by Julian Wylie
Choreography by Frederick Ashton, comedy dances arranged by Charles Brooks
Players: Gene Gerrard, Viola Compton, Betty French, George Courtney, Bruce Anderson, Bernard Clifton, Mamie Soutter
D Ballerina: Mary Honer, with corps de ballet
FP Palace Theatre, Manchester, 30 September 1933

[Nursery Murmurs]
Ballets by Frederick Ashton; tap numbers by Graham Graham
M Noël Coward
D Frederick Ashton and the Murmur Young Ladies
Valse de concert
M Alexander Glazunov
M Arcangelo Corelli
Perpetuum mobile
M Johann Strauss Jr (Perpetuum mobile, musikalischen scherz, opus 257)
See 1935 and 1937, Perpetuum mobile
Also by Ashton: My Tram, Mary Mary, and Police Theme (details unknown)
FP Empire Theatre, Liverpoool, 6 November 1932

Les Rendezvous
M Daniel François Auber, arranged by Constant Lambert (ballet music from L'Enfant prodigue)
SC William Chappell
D 1 Entrance of Walkers Out: Ensemble
2 Pas de six: Beatrice Appleyard, Sheila McCarthy, Freda Bamford, Hermione Darnborough, Nadina Newhouse, Gwyneth Mathews
3 Variation: Stanislas Idzikowski
4 Adagio of Lovers: Alicia Markova, Stanislas Idzikowski
5 Pas de trois: Ninette de Valois, Stanley Judson, Robert Helpmann
6 Variation: Alicia Markova
7 Pas de six: Robert Helpmann, Travis Kemp, Antony Tudor,
Claude Newman, Maurice Brooke, Toni Repetto
8 Exit of Walkers Out: Ensemble
FP Vic-Wells Ballet, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 5 December 1933

NP Vic-Wells Ballet:
D 1 Entrance: Ailne Phillips, William Chappell, and ensemble
2 Pas de quatre (new number): Molly Brown, Joy Robson, Jill Gregory, Margot Fonteyn
4 Adagio of Lovers: Alicia Markova, Stanley Judson
5 Pas de trois: Ailne Phillips, Claude Newman, Robert Helpmann
FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 2 October 1934

NP Vic-Wells Ballet; new SC William Chappell:
D Lovers: Margot Fonteyn, Harold Turner
Pas de trois: Jill Gregory, Frederick Ashton, Claude Newman
FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 16 November 1937

NP Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet; new SC William Chappell:
D Adage des amoureux (sic): Elaine Fifield, Michael Boulton
Pas de trois: Sheilah O'Reilly, Donald Britton, Pirmin Trecu
FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 26 December 1947

NP Royal Ballet; R uncredited;
D Lovers: Darcey Bussell and Roberto Bolle
FP Royal Opera House, London, 29 February 2000

(The decor and costumes for this production were destroyed by fire at the Theatre Royal, Hanley, 2 June 1949; thereafter the ballet was given in Hugh Stevenson's set for Ninette de Valois's Promenade, with new gates and new costumes)

NP Royal Ballet; choreography revised for enlarged corps de ballet; S Sophie Fedorovitch (Act I of La Traviata, 1948; reverted to William Chappell's 1937 decor, 10 October 1962);
new C William Chappell:
D Amoureux: Nadia Nerina, Brian Shaw
Pas de trois: Merle Park, Graham Usher, Petrus Bosman
FP Royal Opera House, London, 7 May 1959

NP Royal Ballet touring section; new C William Chappell (new S added at Pavilion, Bournemouth, 28 September 1961)
D Amoureux: Doreen Wells, Donald Britton
FP Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek, Lebanon, 29 August 1961

ST Royal Ballet School; FP Royal Opera House, London, 15 July 1967

ST Royal Ballet: Tribute to Sir Frederick Ashton; D Amoureux: Merle Park, Rudolf Nureyev; Royal Opera House, London, 24 July 1970

ST Ballet for All; pas de trois only: FP Village College, Melbourne, Derbyshire, 6 October 1971

NP Royal Ballet touring section; SC William Chappell (1937):
D Amoureux: Merle Park, Desmond Kelly
FP Wimbledon Theatre, London, 12 October 1971

ST Ballet for All; pas de deux and variations only:
FP Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 13 October 1972

By other companies:

ST Ballet of the Norske Opera; R Elisabeth Cunliffe and Brenda Last; FP Den Norske Opera, Oslo, 5 October 1978

NP American Ballet Theatre; R Brian Shaw (1959 version);
SC William Chappell (1937):
D Amoureux: Marianna Tcherkassky, Danilo Radojevic
Pas de trois: Rebecca Wright, Warren Conover, Peter Fonseca
FP Kennedy Center, Washington DC, 10 December 1980

ST Banff Center; R Alexander Grant; FP Banff Center, Banff, Alberta, 1986

ST Houston Ballet; R Brian Shaw: FP Wortham Center, Houston TX, 16 March 1989
ST Noriko Kobayashi Ballet Theatre; R Julie Lincoln:
D Amoureux: Akiko Shimazoe, Patrick Armand
FP New National Theatre of Japan, Tokyo, 31 July 2003


*See Appendix D for an analysis of the various versions of Les Rendezvous


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