Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


Four Saints in Three Acts
An Opera to be Sung
Words by Gertrude Stein
M Virgil Thomson
Scenario by Maurice Grosser
Production by John Houseman
Choreography by Frederick Ashton
SC Created by Florine Stettheimer, designed by Kate Drain Lawson
Singers: Commère: Altonel Hines; Compère: Abner Dorsey; St Ignatius: Edward Matthews; St Theresa I: Beatrice Robinson Wayne; St Theresa II: Bruce Howard; St Chavez: Embry Bowner;
St Settlement: Bertha Fitzhugh Baker
D Caro Lynn Baker, Elizabeth Dickerson, Mable Hart, Floyd Miller, Maxwell Baird, Billie Smith
FP Presented by The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford CT, 7 February 1934;
by Harry Moses, 44th Street Theater, New York, 20 February 1934; transferred to the Empire Theater, New York, 1 April 1934;
revived at the Auditorium Theater, Chicago IL, 7 November 1934

Mephisto Valse
Ballet by Frederick Ashton on a theme from Lenau's Faust
M Franz Liszt (Mephisto Valse No 1, The Dance at the Inn from
Lenau's Faust, 1862)
SC Sophie Fedorovitch
D Marguerite: Alicia Markova; Mephisto: Frederick Ashton;
Faust: Walter Gore; Young Girls: Elisabeth Schooling, Doris Sonne, Peggy van Praagh; Young Men: Hugh Laing, Rollo Gamble, Frank Staff
FP Ballet Club, Mercury Theatre, London, 15 June 1934

ST Ballet Workshop; D Marguerite: Paula Hinton; Mephisto: Michael Holmes; Faust: Robert Harrold FP Mercury Theatre, London, 15 March 1953

See 1952, Vision of Marguerite

Pas de deux classique
M Alexander Glazunov (from The Seasons, ballet, opus 67)
C Phyllis Dolton
D Alicia Markova, Anton Dolin
FP Hippodrome, Golder's Green, London, 16 July 1934

[Love Is The Best Doctor]
L'Amour médecin, comédie-ballet in three acts, by Jean-Baptiste Molière; translation uncredited
Directed by Robert Atkins
Dances arranged by Frederick Ashton
M uncredited
SC J Gower Parks
Players: Baliol Holloway, John Laurie, Frank Tickle, Clement Hamelin, A B Imeson, Michael Martin-Harvey, Jack Carlton, Paul Farrell, Leslie French, Ivor Harries, Bitten Nissen, Sybil Evers, Eileen Payley, Jenny Barclay, Pamela Stanley, Nora Colton, Pat Lees, Irene Gwynn
Première danseuse: Pearl Argyle
Revellers and Scaramouches: Jean Brodie, Billie Lees, Pat Lees, Corinne Mackenzie, Anna Marita, Thora Marshall, Aase Nissen, Betten Nissen, Marjorie Stewart
FP Presented by Sydney W Carroll, Winter Garden Theatre, London, 20 September 1934

[Jill Darling!]
A New Musical Comedy by Marriott Edgar, with additional scenes and lyrics by Desmond Carter
M Vivian Ellis
The Play Produced by William Mollison
Dances and ensembles by Fred Lord; "I'm Dancing with a Ghost" by Frederick Ashton
S Leon Davey
Players: Frances Day, Louise Browne, Arthur Roscoe, John Mills, Viola Tree, Sebastian Smith, Teddie St Denis
I'm Dancing with a Ghost
D Frances Day, Frederick Ashton
FP Presented by Jack Eggar Ltd, Saville Theatre, London, 19
December 1934

[Escape Me Never]
A British and Dominion Picture
Produced by Herbert Wilcox
Directed by Paul Czinner
Screenplay by Carl Zuckmayer and Margaret Kennedy, from her play
Photographed by Sepp Allgeier and Georges Périnal
Edited by David Lean
M William Walton
Choreography by Frederick Ashton
Players: Elisabeth Bergner, Hugh Sinclair, Penelope Dudley-Ward, Lyn Harding, Griffith Jones, Rosalind Fuller, Leon Quartermaine, Irene Vanbrugh
D Margot Fonteyn, Beatrice Appleyard, and the Vic-Wells Ballet
Filmed December 1934, released 1935


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