Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


Valentine's Eve
Ballet by Frederick Ashton
M Maurice Ravel (Valses nobles et sentimentales, for piano, 1911)
SC Sophie Fedorovitch
D Constant: Frederick Ashton; Phryné: Pearl Argyle; Solange: Maude Lloyd; Sylvestre: William Chappell; Bette: Elisabeth Schooling; Robert: Walter Gore; Ninon: Peggy van Praagh; Octave: Hugh Laing; François: Frank Staff
FP Ballet Rambert, Duke of York's Theatre, London, 4 February 1935

See 1947, Valses nobles et sentimentales

In a Venetian Theatre
M Vivian Ellis (originally composed for a number choreographed by George Balanchine in Charles B Cochran's 1930 Revue)
D Louise Browne
FP Anna Pavlova Memorial Matinée, Palace Theatre, London, 21 February 1935

[The Flying Trapeze]
English libretto by Douglas Furber from the libretto by Hans Müller (Zirkus Aimé, 1928)
M Ralph Benatzky and Mabel Wayne
Lyrics by Douglas Furber, Desmond Carter, and Frank Evans
The Play Produced under the personal direction of Erik Charell
Dances arranged by Frederick Ashton; Jack Buchanan's dances by Buddy Bradley; "Angel on Horseback" by Tony Smythe
SC Ernest Stern
Players: Jack Buchanan, June Clyde, Ivy St Helier, Fred Emney,
Bruce Carfax, Richard Hearne
D Paulette (a dancer): Pearl Argyle; A Dancer: Hugh Laing; and corps de ballet
Life in a Circus
Marie Louise
Operatic Burlesque (including Speciality Dance by Argyle and Laing)
The Wedding in the Stars
FP Alhambra Theatre, London, 4 May 1935

Perpetuum mobile
Choreographed and danced by Tilly Losch and Frederick Ashton
M Johann Strauss Jr (Perpetuum mobile, musikalischer scherz, opus 257)
FP Actors' Benevolent Fund Ball, Grosvenor House, London, June 1935

See 1937, Perpetuum mobile

[Round About Regent Street]
Created, devised, and produced by George Black, assisted by Charles Henry
Dances and ensembles arranged by Frederick Ashton and J Sherman Fisher
Orchestrations and arrangements by Billy Ternent and Jock Premice
S G McConnell Wood, Alec Shanks, Max Weldy, and Harry Delvin
Players: Flanagan and Allen, Nervo and Knox, Naughton and Gold
(The Crazy Gang)
2 A Flower Market
C Max Weldy, from designs by Freddy Wittop
D Jeanne Devereaux
6 The Very Merry Widow
M Franz Lehár
C Max Weldy, from designs by Freddy Wittop
The Ambassador: Chesney Allen; The Secretary of State: Bud Flanagan; The Ambassador's Wife: Hannah Watt; Prince Danilo:
Teddy Knox; The Widow: Jimmy Nervo; and ensemble
8 Olde London Towne: Buy My Cherries
M Roger McDougal
D The Cherry Maid: Jeanne Devereaux
12 Vauxhall Gardens, 1759
Vocalist: Bea Hunter; Prince Frederick: Syd Railton; Milady--Friend of the Prince: Hannah Watt; Maître d'hôtel: Del Foss
"Poor Bride--Poor Groom" sung by the Crazy Gang and Company
"Love's Telegraph" sung by Adrian Burgess and Company
16 The Moth and the Flame
D The Moth: Jeanne Devereaux
Replaced in London by
The Lady in Red
M Mort Dixon and Allie Wrubel (from the film In Caliente, 1935)
D Jeanne Devereaux
FP Presented by George Black, Hippodrome, Brighton, 12 August 1935; London Palladium, 27 August 1935

Le Baiser de la fée
Allegorical Ballet in four tableaux by Igor Stravinsky, after Hans Andersen's The Ice Maiden
M Igor Stravinsky, inspired by the muse of Tchaikovsky (1928)
SC Sophie Fedorovitch
D A Mother: Ursula Moreton; The Fairy: Pearl Argyle; The Young Man: Harold Turner; His Fiancée: Margot Fonteyn; Spirits, The Villagers, The Bridesmaids: corps de ballet
FP Vic-Wells Ballet, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 26 November 1935

ST Royal Ballet, Tribute to Sir Frederick Ashton; excerpt from Scene 3 only: D The Bride: Jennifer Penney; Royal Opera House, London, 24 July 1970

[Follow the Sun]
Revue with dialogue by Ronald Jeans and John Hastings Turner
The Entire Revue Produced under the Direction of Charles B Cochran
Staged by Frank Collins
Dances and ensembles by Buddy Bradley and Frederick Ashton
M Arthur Schwartz
Lyrics by Howard Dietz and Desmond Carter
S Ernest Stern
C Ernest Stern, Ada Peacock, and Xenia
Players: Claire Luce, Irene Eisinger, Ada Reeve, Jeni LeGon, Eve, Iris March, Frank Pettingell, Eliot Makeham, Vic Oliver, Nick Long Jr (not in cast in Manchester)
8 Love Is a Dancing Thing
D Eileen O'Connor and Mr Cochran's Young Ladies
10 Cuba
D Nicotina: Claire Luce, Robert Linden (later danced by Robert Linden, Frederick Ashton)
11 Polonaise
D Mr Cochran's Young Ladies
19 The First Shoot
A Tragedy
A Ballet by Osbert Sitwell
M William Walton
SC Cecil Beaton
D Lady de Fontenoy (formerly Connie Winsome of the Gaiety, or Daly's): Claire Luce; Lord Fontenoy: Robert Linden (later omitted from cast list); Lord Charles Canterbury: Frederick Ashton (later danced by Nick Long Jr); The Pheasants, The Ladies, The Gentlemen, The Footmen: ensemble
22 Dangerous You
D The Girl: Claire Luce; The Poet: Robert Linden (later Frederick Ashton); The Man About Town: Philip Morgan; The Tough: Stanley Haig-Brown; The Soldier: W Lawson McLaren
24 Sleigh Bells
D Eileen O'Connor
FP Presented by Charles B Cochran, Opera House, Manchester, 23 December 1935; Adelphi Theatre, London, 4 February 1936


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