Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


Perpetuum mobile
M Johann Strauss Jr (Perpetuum mobile, musikalischer scherz,
opus 257)
C for Joy Newton by William Chappell
D Joy Newton, Robert Helpmann
FP Vic-Wells Ballet, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 11 January 1937

Harlequin in the Street
A New Ballet by André Derain
M Francis Couperin, arranged by Constant Lambert
SC André Derain
D A Pedestrian: Lionel Dixon; A Knife-Grinder: Ivor Harries; A Bread Man: Hedley Briggs; Three Gossips: Peggy van Praagh, Susan Reeves, Mary Skeaping; Harlequin: Stanley Judson; A Bourgeois Gentilhomme: Michael Martin-Harvey; A Marquise: Chrysagon Vaughan; Two Porters: George Welford, Donald Hewett
FP as a curtain raiser to Le Misanthrope by Jean-Baptiste Molière, Arts Theatre, Cambridge, 8 February 1937; Ambassadors Theatre, London, 23 February 1937, with Alan Carter as Harlequin

See 1938, Harlequin in the Street

Les Patineurs
Ballet-Divertissement in one act
M Giacomo Meyerbeer, arranged by Constant Lambert (ballet music and one aria from Le Prophète, and Waltz from Act II, Prelude to Act III, and Ismailov's aria "Bel cavalier" from
L'Etoile du nord)
SC William Chappell
D 1 Entrée: Mary Honer, Elizabeth Miller
Pas de huit: Gsyneth Mathews, Joy Newton, Peggy Melliss, Wenda Horsburgh, Richard Ellis, Leslie Edwards, Michael Somes, Paul Reymond
2 Variation: Harold Turner
3 Pas de deux: Margot Fonteyn, Robert Helpmann
4 Ensemble
5 Pas de trois: Mary Honer, Elizabeth Miller, Harold Turner
6 Pas des patineuses: June Brae, Pamela May
7 Ensemble
8 Galop finale
FP Vic-Wells Ballet, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 16 February 1937

NP Sadler's Wells Ballet; new S William Chappell:
D Entrée: Margaret Dale, Avril Navarre; Variation: Harold Turner; Pas de deux: Moira Shearer, David Paltenghi;
Pas des patineuses: Beryl Grey, Gillian Lynne
FP Royal Opera House, London, 20 March 1946

ST Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet; D Variation: Donald Britton; Pas de deux: Annette Page, David Poole; FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 23 April 1955

NP Royal Ballet; enlarged version with corps de ballet and Pas des patineuses duplicated behind the arches:
D Entrée: Annette Page, Shirley Grahame; Variation: Brian Shaw; Pas de deux: Anya Linden, Desmond Doyle; Pas de
quatre (formerly Pas des patineuses): Brenda Taylor,
Valerie Taylor, Meriel Evans, Mary Drage
FP Royal Opera House, London, 12 March 1957
(This so-called "mirror version," prepared for a tour of Soviet Russia in the autumn of 1956 that was cancelled after the invasion of Hungary, was not performed on tour in Britain by the main company, though it was given in the United States; it was dropped altogether from 10 February 1966, though the corps de ballet was then augmented to six couples)

ST Royal Ballet School; FP Royal Opera House, London, 13 May 1961

ST Ballet for All; Variation only; FP Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 13 October 1972

By other companies:

NP [American] Ballet Theatre; SC Cecil Beaton;
D Entrée: Barbara Fallis, Cynthia Riseley; Variation: John Kriza; Pas de deux: Nora Kaye, Hugh Laing; Pas des patineuses: Diana Adams, Anna Cheselka
FP Broadway Theater, New York, 2 October 1946

ST University of Cape Town Ballet; R David Poole; FP Cape Town,
6 December 1957

ST The United Ballet Company; R Philip Chatfield; FP Her Majesty's Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand, 28 November 1959

ST State Ballet of Turkey; R Ninette de Valois and Ann Parsons;
FP National Theatre, Ankara, 15 January 1962

NP The New Zealand Ballet; R Walter Trevor; SC Raymond Boyce:
D Variation: Walter Trevor; Pas de deux: Kirsten Ralov, Arthur
FP Napier, New Zealand, 7 July 1962

ST Transvaal Ballet; R Alexander Bennett; FP 1965

ST PACT Ballet Company; FP Johannesburg, South Africa, 1965

ST Royal Winnipeg Ballet; R Miro Zolan; FP Playhouse Theatre,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, 29 December 1966

ST The Australian Ballet; R Peggy van Praagh; D Variation: Alan Alder; Pas de deux: Elaine Fifield, Kelvin Coe;
FP Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide, 23 March 1970

ST Minnesota Dance Theatre; R Brian Shaw; FP Minneapolis MN,
2 May 1972

ST Noverre-Ballett; R Robert Mead; FP Würtembergisches Staatstheater Stuttgart, Kleines Haus, 6 May 1973

ST Joffrey Ballet; R Brian Shaw: D Entrée: Francesca Corkle, Ann Marie De Angelo; Variation: Mark Goldweber; Pas de deux: Denise Jackson, Gregory Huffman; Pas des patineuses: Cynthia Anderson, Patricia Miller
FP City Center Theater, New York NY, 2 November 1977

ST Ballet of the Norske Opera; FP 1977

ST National Ballet [of Canada] School; R Lynn Wallis; M arranged for two pianos by Margaret Gibbs; FP St Lawrence Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, 27 April 1978

ST CAPAB Ballet Company; R Lynn Wallis; D Variation: Wayne Sleep FP Nico Malan Opera House, Cape Town, 1 September 1978

ST National Ballet of Canada; R Brian Shaw: D Variation: Peter Schaufuss FP O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, 10 November 1978

ST Milwaukee Ballet; R Brian Shaw: FP Vihlein Hall, Milwaukee WI, 11 February 1983

ST Banff Center; R Alexander Grant; FP Banff Center, Banff, Alberta, 1983

ST Ballet Metropolitan; R Sheila Humphries and Brian Shaw: FP Ohio Theater, Columbus OH, 28 February 1985

ST Ballet West; R John Hart: FP High School, Aspen CO, 30 July 1985; Capitol Theater, Salt Lake City UT, 20 September 1985

ST London City Ballet; R Julie Lincoln; FP King's Theatre, Edinburgh, 26 May 1992; Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 14 December 1992

ST Hong Kong Ballet; R Julie Lincoln: FP Cultural Centre Grand Theatre, Hong Kong, 28 April 1994

ST Louisville Ballet; R Helen Starr: FP Kentucky Center for the Arts, Whitney Hall, Louisville KY, 16 February 1995

ST Miami City Ballet; R Hilary Cartwright: FP Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami FL, 11 November 2000

ST Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance: excerpts only; R Shirley Grahame and Diana Vere: D Entrée: Ayoko Toyama, Sawa Seno; Variation: Shih-Hsien Chang; Pas de deux:
Ayumi Yamashite, Ben Dixon; Pas des patineuses: Brigida Neves, Rachel Keats; FP Rambert School, Twickenham MX

First Arabesque
M Claude Debussy (from Deux arabesques, for piano)
D Margot Fonteyn
FP BBC Television, Alexandra Palace, London, 20 March 1937

M William Walton (Berceuse from incidental music for The Boy David by J M Barrie, 1936)
C John Armstrong
D Margot Fonteyn
FP BBC Television demonstration film, directed by Dallas Bower, "tracking" by John Armstrong; filmed at Stoll Pictures, Cricklewood, between 7 and 17 April 1937

A Wedding Bouquet
M Lord Berners
Words by Gertrude Stein (mostly from They Must.Be Wedded.To Their Wife)
Curtain SC Lord Berners
D Webster: Ninette de Valois; Two Peasant Girls: Linda Sheridan, Joan Leaman; Two Peasant Boys: Paul Reymond, Alan Carter; Josephine: June Brae; Paul: Harold Turner; John: William Chappell; Violet: Pamela May; Ernest: Claude Newman; Thérèse: Elizabeth Miller; Julia: Margot Fonteyn; Bridegroom: Robert Helpmann; Pépé (Julia's dog): Julia Farron; Arthur: Leslie Edwards; Guy: Michael Somes; Four Guests: Gwyneth Mathews, Wenda Horsburgh, Joy Newton, Anne Spicer; Two Gendarmes: Paul Reymond, Alan Carter; Bride: Mary Honer; Bridesmaids: Molly Brown, Jill Gregory
FP Vic-Wells Ballet, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 27 April 1937

(During the 1940 summer season at Sadler's Wells, the singing chorus was replaced by Constant Lambert's declamation of the words; thereafter the ballet was performed this way, until later revivals at the Royal Opera House, when the chorus was restored at Frederick Ashton's request)

ST Sadler's Wells Ballet; D Josephine: June Brae; Julia: Moira Shearer; Bridegroom: Robert Helpmann; Bride: Margaret Dale;
FP Royal Opera House, London, 17 February 1949

ST Royal Ballet; Tribute to Sir Frederick Ashton; excerpt only;
Royal Opera House, London, 24 July 1970

ST Ballet for All; excerpts only; FP Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe,
13 October 1972

ST Royal Ballet touring section; D Josephine: Vyvyan lorrayne; Julia: Margaret Barbieri; Bridegroom: Alain Dubreuil; Bride:
Marion Tait; FP Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 14 May 1974

ST Joffrey Ballet; R Christopher Newton: D Josephine: Jan Hanniford; Julia: Beatriz Rodriguez; Bridegroom: Gary Chryst; Bride: Lynn Glauber; FP City Center Theater, New York NY, 18 October 1978

A New Revue written and composed by Beverley Nichols
Produced by C Denis Freeman
Dances arranged by Buddy Bradley; ballets by Frederick Ashton
Additional M Vivian Ellis and Benjamin Frnakel
SC René Hubert
Players: Frances Day, John Mills, Hermione Baddeley
13 Waltz in Prelude to Battle (Scene: The Waterloo Ball, Brussels, 1815)
16 Dancing with the Daffodils
D Frances Day and The Girls
24 Sir Thomas Beeton in the Kitchen
M Benjamin Frankel
D The Cook: Hermione Baddeley; The Chef: Cyril Wells; Conductor: Lyle Evans; Kitchenmaids: Maisie Green, Eily Wilson, Sylvia Taperell, Valerie Stanton; Footmen: Tom Gillis, Edward Britten, Kenneth Carter, Peter Du Callion
FP Presented by Richard D Rose and A J Shaughnessy, Saville Theatre, London, 23 June 1937



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