Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


The Quest
An adaptation by Doris Langley Moore of a theme from Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene
M William Walton
SC John Piper
D Archimago (a Magician personifying Hypocrisy): Leslie Edwards; Female Servant (transformed into Una): Celia Franca; Male Servant: Anthony Burke; Bats (Evil Spirits): Pauline Clayden, Lorna Mossford; St George (the Red Cross Knight, personifying Holiness): Robert Helpmann; Una (personifying Truth): Margot Fonteyn; Saracen Knights: Sansjoy: David Paltenghi; Sansloy: Alexis Rassine; Sansfoy: Franklin White; Duessa (personifying Falsehood) Beryl Grey; The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride (as Queen): Moira Shearer; Sloth: Nigel Desmond; Gluttony: Ray Powell; Wrath: Celia Franca; Lechery: Anthony Burke; Avarice: Gordon Hamilton; Envy: Palma Nye; Faith: Julia Farron; Hope: Moyra Fraser; Charity: Jean Bedells; Courtiers and Attendant Virtues: corps de ballet
FP Sadler's Wells Ballet, New Theatre, London, 6 April 1943

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