Frederick Ashton and His Ballets


Daphnis and Chloë
M Maurice Ravel (ballet, 1909-1912)
Curtain SC John Craxton
D Chloë, a shepherdess: Margot Fonteyn; Daphnis, a goat-herd; Michael Somes; Lykanion, a young married woman from the town: Violetta Elvin; Dorkon, a herdsman: John Field; Bryaxis, a pirate chief: Alexander Grant; Pan: Alfred Rodrigues; Nymphs of Pan: Rosemary Lindsay, Gillian Lynne, Julia Farron; Shepherdesses, Shepherds, Pirates, Pirate Women, Dryads*, Fauns*: corps de ballet
*omitted from 4 July 1951
FP Sadler's Wells Ballet, Royal Opera House, London, 3 April 1951

NP Royal Ballet; SC Martyn Bainbridge:
D Chloë: Trinidad Sevillano; Daphnis: Stuart Cassidy; Lykanion: Benazir Hussein; Dorkon: Adam Cooper; Bryaxis:
Matthew Hart
FP Royal Opera House, London, 10 November 1994

NP Royal Ballet: Curtain SC John Craxton:
D Chloë: Jaimie Tapper; Daphnis: Federico Bonelli;
Lykanion: Marianela Nuñez; Dorkon: Thiago Soares;
Bryaxis: Bennet Gartside
FP Royal Opera House, London, 8 May 2004

[The Tales of Hoffmann]
A London Films production
A Fantastic Opera
Produced, written, and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
Adapted from Dennis Arundell's English libretto based on the French text by Jules Barbier
M Jacques Offenbach (1881)
Photographed by Christopher Challis
SC Hein Heckroth
Players: Robert Rounseville, Robert Helpmann, Pamela Brown, Moira Shearer, Frederick Ashton, Leonide Massine, Ludmilla Tcherina, Ann Ayars, Mögens Wieth, Monica Sinclair, Bruce Dargavel, Murray Dickie
Prologue: The Enchanted Dragonfly
M arranged by Sir Thomas Beecham
D Moira Shearer, Edmond Audran
The Ballad of Kleinzack
D Kleinzack: Frederick Ashton; His Lady-Love: Moira Shearer
The Tale of Olympia
D Olympia: Moira Shearer; Dr Coppélius: Robert Helpmann; Spalanzani: Leonide Massine [choreographed his own role];
Cochenille: Frederick Ashton; Marionettes: corps de ballet
The Tale of Giulietta
D Giulietta: Ludmilla Tcherina; Hoffmann: Robert Helpmann
Epilogue: Pas de deux (Barcarolle)
D Moira Shearer, Edmond Audran
Release date, 18 April 1952

A Ballet in three scenes by Constant Lambert
M Constant Lambert, partly orchestrated by Robert Irving, Christian Darnton, Humphrey Searle, Denis ApIvor, Gordon Jacob, Alan Rawsthorne, and Elisabeth Lutyens
Curtain SC Isabel Lambert
D Tiresias (male): Michael Somes; Neophyte: Margaret Dale; Snakes: Pauline Clayden, Brian Shaw; Tiresias (female): Margot Fonteyn; Her Lover: John Field; Zeus: Alfred Rodrigues; Hera: Gerd Larsen; Athletes, Warriors, Priestesses, Shepherdesses, Shepherds: corps de ballet
FP Sadler's Wells Ballet, Royal Opera House, London, 9 July 1951;
revised version, 26 february 1952

Casse Noisette
Two scenes from a ballet in two acts and three scenes by Lev Ivanov, after Alexandre Dumas's version of E T A Hoffmann's Histoire d'un casse-noisette
Choreography by Lev Ivanov, revised by Frederick Ashton
M Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (ballet, opus 71)
SC Cecil Beaton
Scene 1 The Kingdom of Snow
D The Queen: Svetlana Beriosova; The King: Robert Lunnon; Snowlakes: corps de ballet
Scene 2 The Kingdom of Sweets
D The Sugar Plum Fairy: Elaine Fifield; The Nutcracker Prince: David Blair; Sugar Sticks: Patricia Miller, Carlu Carter, Stella Farrance, Annette Page, Veronica Vail; Chocolate from Spain: Sheilah O'Reilly, Margaret Sear, Pirmin Trecu; Coffee from Arabia: Stella Claire, Arnott Mader, Graham McCormack, Peter Wright; Tea from China: David Gill, Maurice Metliss; Nougat from Russia: Donald Britton, Stanley Holden, Donald McAlpine, Walter Trevor; Crystallised Flowers: Maryon Lane and corps de ballet
FP Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 11 September 1951

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